Cave living & where to buy.

If you are interested in purchasing a cave for a permanent home or holiday property please take care and do your homework.   Talk to local people about the area you have chosen, chat about cave life and the pros and cons that come with living in such a home and most importantly choose your solicitor carefully.   Whether you go through an estate agent or take the direct route of dealing with the seller yourself, the solicitor you use to draw up your contract is just as important here in Spain as it is in the UK.  Ensure there are suitable clauses set down in the contract with defined time lines and most importantly what happens if any of the specified actions within the contract do not take place.    Hopefully nothing will go wrong but it is so easy to accept what you are told at face value when you are in another country which is not familiar to you.  Do not automatically go with the solicitor that is recommended by the estate agents.  Just because they speak English (making your lives easier) is not a good enough reason.  There are many good translators that will go with you for very little money.  It may just be money well spent.

We have found that each area of cave land have different attributes and standards of living.  For example, you have Galera which has many cave homes built into the slopes of the hills that surround the area.  It’s very picturesque and has a good thriving community with all the amenities within walking distance.  Then you have Puente Arriba with its cave homes lining the path of the river.  Most of the time you are not aware that you have neighbours although there is a wide community living here but no walkable amenities to speak of.

We would be happy to point you in the right direction to which area to look at and pass on any knowledge we have personally gained so far.  It helps – trust us.

We would also be happy to take you on a tour of the different areas so you can get a feel of what’s on offer.   We found trips out very useful especially different times of the day.  Please, get in touch for further information and we will organise your trip to take advantage of your time in Spain.